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TNA Board Review - "Kathryn Lee Is All That"
Aug 16, 2017
Set up was easy with Kathryn, emailed/PMed her on Tuesday for a 2-hour Wednesday meet. Response via text was quick as was the follow up communication. She arrived at my room promptly and greeted me with a warm, friendly hug. We lazed on the couch and got to know each other for a few minutes (She is very chill, relaxed, and puts you at ease almost instantly) before moving to the bedroom. I don't give "blow" by blow reviews, but her oral skills are above and beyond anything I've ever experienced in or out of the hobby! I truly had to take a minute or two before I could make a complete sentence again. Recovery included a very relaxing massage (let her pick the music, she knows what she's doing!) More kissing and petting led to round two, on came the cover for CG and Mish! She has high energy, never showed signs of slowing, and seemed to really enjoy what she was doing. Oh and the bust. is. amazing! If you are on the fence about seeing, jump off and hop on, it's a wild, amazing ride. You won't regret it! Thanks Kathryn! ~J
TNA Board Review- "Kathryn Lee has a hold on me -and I like it!"
Jan 12, 2017
So I found myself heading to the grand facade that is Las Vegas, I decided I wanted my money to go to a much better activity than gambling. I had seem Kathryn’s profiles and those wonderful December pictures with the Christmas lights, and it piqued my “interest” right from the start. She was great with communications. Filled out the screening form on her site, provided her with my recommendations, and she quickly confirmed everything. After that a few text messages the evening of our meeting was all that it took before she was at my door in an impressive little black dress and gray coat. That didn’t last long. Almost the instant we were inside the room we were kissing. Very hot start. Some champagne and snacks gave us a little chance to get to know one another, but before I knew it I was laying on my back, hip deep in her hips and lost in the moment. I did not last long. Over the following hours, there were massages in both directions, a lot of close contact and cuddles mixes with LOTS of lustful friction. She was wonderfully reactive and her body was as much of a wonder to touch. At one point the hold of her convulsions in the fits of that friction made my digits feel like they were going to be crushed, which made the experience all the more exciting. The taste of her juices was divine, and required a good face sitting session to truly enjoy. Just the thought of it all brings a smile to my face. Highly recommended — and multiple hours if you can. Met all expectations and then some. Treat her with respect and I’m sure you can have a similarly wonderful time.
TNA Board Review- "DDDliteful Kathryn Lee"
Oct 07, 2016
Kathryn is one of those women built to be f**ked! Her breasts are youthful, full and firm...bouncing as she walked towards you. The first kiss let's you know you're in for something special! Saw her my last evening in Vegas. She made the trip! Booked her again for early morning romp before checkout...and she joined me after for some pool time. And the dream fantasy...leaning up against the full length window with Vegas lights at night, taking her standing from behind, cupping those breasts... Wait maybe it was the next morning her on top riding cowgirl and coming again and again, those breasts heaving... Or also watching her get off with daty/fiv... Fly to Vegas just to see her!
TNA Board Review- "Hell of a good time with Kathryn"
Dec 07, 2015
I always end up in las vegas in december, and I wanted some company so I got ahold of kathryn and setting up a meeting was easy. Had to reschedule our appointment once, completely my fault and I felt terrible about doing it to her. Set it up for a couple days later, screening was very easy, and shes a very nice gal. Everything went great, not a single complaint. I'd see her again in a heartbeat, and intend to. Worth every penny and couldn't ask for a nicer girl.
TNA Board Review- "I hit the jackpot with Kathryn Lee"
Sep 22, 2015
I pm'ed Kathryn Lee about an upcoming business trip to Vegas. We began corresponding via text. I was having TNA email issues but fortunately a recent provider I had visited in WA, Thegreatgaspy, had given me a recommendation. That cleared the way for me to meet KathrynLee. I am a conservative dressing mid/ late 40's old jockish looking guy. KathrynLee is short cropped hair, early 20's, with lots of ink and piercings. She is HOT HOT! She came in my hotel and made me immediately feel like I was in my 20's again. I truly felt for the hour like I was her boyfriend. She cuddled, kidded, played, until we collapsed....then repeated... And that was only in the first 40 minutes! She asked if I had a third round in me and I told her I was pleasantly surprised I had a second! We cuddled a little more, she showered, got dressed, cuddled a bit more, then a got a nice kiss goodbye. Never rushed, never felt like she ever looked at the clock, it was just awesome. I'm heading back to Vegas in late February and the call the KathrynLee will insure that I will be winning in Vegas!!